Retired Permanent Faculties/Staff

Retired Permanent Faculties

Dinesh Chapagain-Web

Dr. Dinesh Prasad Chapagain

School of Engineering

Surendra Raj Kafle

Dr. Surendra Raj Kafle

School of Science

Rana Bahadur Chhetri

Dr. Rana Bahadur Chhetri

Professor/Associate Dean

School of Science
Shreeram Lamichhane

Dr. Shreeram Prasad Lamichhane


School of Education
Janga Bahadur Chauhan

Dr. Janga Bahadur Chauhan

Professor/Associate Dean

School of Arts
Sanjay Nath Khanal

Dr. Sanjay Nath Khanal


School of Science
Purrosatam Kharal

Dr. Purusottam Kharel

Associate Professor

School of Engineering

Retired Permanent Staff

Rudra Prasad Aryal

Mr. Rudra Prasad Aryal

Manager, Central Library

Central Office

*Note: The above data has been presented in chronological order by date of retirement. The list has been prepared in consideration of their retirement which has excluded resignation and rejoin.

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